Ask a question about your life and receive insight from a museum piece.


You’ll deeply connect with an artwork or historical object, the people you’re playing with, the museum — and your inner sage.*

Using a simple web app, your friend will guide you, then you can guide your friend.

Choose a personal question (How can I bring more meaning to my job? Where will I find my soulmate? What color should I paint my bedroom? What’s the purpose of my life?) Or use the Random Question Generator button that has topics like Relationships, Health, Love, Work, and Spirituality.

You'll walk mindfully while looking at the floor and paying attention to all your senses for about a minute. When the timer goes off, you’ll have a dialog with whatever museum object you’re closest to. Your friend will guide you through questions that encourage close looking and free associating to suggest insights into your question.

Your friend (and any other players) can offer insights too. Have a photo taken with your piece, then switch and you’ll guide your friend. Get ready for miraculous coincidences and lots of fun.

Self-care during and after your Museum Sage experience
Journaling questions to use after your Museum Sage session
Share your Museum Sage story with others
See other people’s photos and stories




Your museum — whether it’s an art museum, a history museum, a science museum, or an arboretum — can offer Museum Sage to your visitors. They’ll feel engaged, empowered, and connected.

: Museum Sage creates a strong emotional connection between your visitor and their museum object. 

VIEWER EMPOWERMENT: Museum Sage can help your visitor feel less intimidated by art, history, or by the museum in general. Participants don’t need any particular knowledge to use Museum Sage.

SOCIAL CONNECTION: Museum Sage is a great opportunity for your visitor to connect with their date, their spouse, their co-workers, their school group, their friends, or people they don’t know yet.

PERSONAL GROWTH: This isn’t just a way to get museum-goers to look at pieces in the collection. Museum Sage develops mindfulness by using non-visual senses to explore the museum. Your visitors walk away with real insights that address their personal challenges and opportunities.

Museum Sage was one of 20 organizations cited in the American Alliance of Museum's annual forecasting publication, TrendsWatch 2015, for its innovative personalization of a museum’s collection.

If you’re the executive director or visitor engagement specialist at your museum, contact Laurie to schedule a free :20 minute demo.

“I’m always on the hunt for examples of people ‘hacking’ museum content in interesting ways. [Museum Sage] is a social engagement that basically turns the museum into a giant Tarot deck, co-opting museum collections as signifiers onto which seekers can project their hopes...”
— Elizabeth Merritt, Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums at the American Alliance of Museums

Kim asks, "What direction should I take with my career?" A 12th century vase gives her a surprising insight.


"Should I go to college or not?" 


“My problem with museums is that I quickly feel worn out. I’m always in search of something that will fill me with awe and wonder. When I don’t immediately find it, I wander off in search of the “famous” pieces and leave feeling exhausted. 

Museum Sage challenged that broken way of being in museums. Being with just one or two pieces at a time can speak to who I am and where I am today. I believe that Museum Sage is the key to making museums relevant to the next generation.”

- Adam Gordon



* The word sage comes from the ancient Latin word sapere meaning ‘be wise.’ As a noun, it means 'a profoundly wise person.' As an adjective, it means 'having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.' We believe that everyone has their own answers when they consult the deepest part of themselves. The Museum Sage process invites this to happen.