Ask a question about your life and receive insight from a museum piece.


You’ll deeply connect with the artwork or historical object, the people you’re playing with, the museum — and your inner sage.*

Decide on a personal or business question (How can I bring more meaning to my job? Where will I find my soul mate? What will it take for my team to work more closely together? What’s the purpose of my life?) Then you'll choose a place on the museum map with your eyes closed. Your Guide will lead you there while you're walking mindfully and paying attention to all your senses. When you reach your artwork or historical object, you’ll be guided through questions that encourage close looking and free associating to suggest insights into your question. You'll have a conversation with your Guide and any other players so they can offer insights too.



Your museum (art, history, science, arboretum) can host special Museum Sage tours for visitors who use a web app to guide each other. They’ll…


Find information about self-care, as well as journaling questions, and how to share your Museum Sage story.

Kim asks, "What direction should I take with my career?" A 12th century vase gives her a surprising insight.


"Should I go to college or not?" 


“My problem with museums is that I quickly feel worn out. I’m always in search of something that will fill me with awe and wonder. When I don’t immediately find it, I wander off in search of the “famous” pieces and leave feeling exhausted. 

Museum Sage challenged that broken way of being in museums. Being with just one or two pieces at a time can speak to who I am and where I am today. I believe that Museum Sage is the key to making museums relevant to the next generation.”

- Adam Gordon




* The word sage comes from the ancient Latin word sapere meaning ‘be wise.’ As a noun, it means 'a profoundly wise person.' As an adjective, it means 'having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.' We believe that everyone has their own answers when they consult the deepest part of themselves. Museum Sage is a conduit to let this happen.