Self Care

Please take care of yourself physically and emotionally during and after playing Museum Sage. If you’re having emotions that feel overwhelming, move to a different part of the museum and take several slow, deep breaths. If that doesn’t help, leave the museum and find a place to rest and regroup.

Museum Sage is a practice suggested for gaining insight into your personal life and seeing museum objects more deeply while enjoying the people you’re playing with.

If you want to do Museum Sage on your own, go ahead and try it. When you’re comfortable with the process, try inviting a friend to do it with you. There’s something magical about describing your piece out loud, voicing your insights, and getting feedback from a supportive person.

If you want to use the Museum Sage web app with a friend in another participating museum, try it using video chat (and your earbuds so you don’t disrupt other museum-goers, please!)

You are responsible for your own actions and decisions while using the Museum Sage process. When you use the Museum Sage web app or use the Museum Sage process, you agree to hold this museum and Museum Sage LLC free from all liability for any adverse experience while playing Museum Sage or for any choices you make based on your experience.

Take care of yourself and enjoy Museum Sage.