If you'd like clarity about information that came up in your Museum Sage session, you can work with one of our trained life coaches over the phone, by video chat, or texting.

Your personal coach will help you sort through what's troubling you, help you get to a place of understanding, and assist you in developing next steps to move forward with your life.

30 minutes: $75. If you'd like a longer session, please let us know: 612.460.1382 or


LAURIE PHILLIPS, a co-founder of Museum Sage and a Master Guide and Trainer, loves helping people find answers to life challenges through artworks and historical objects. Laurie is an artist whose art asks the question, "what's it like to be you?" Laurie also works as a life coach for women who feel overwhelmed by their job, their health or their relationships. She’s an international workshop leader for institutions like Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and Adler School of Coaching.